Center for Hellenic Studies


The study of Greek has been part of the instructional and research mission of the University of Chicago since its founding. The study of Greek art, philosophy, literature, and of works written in Greek language is central to the interests of faculty and students in a large number of disciplines such as history, classics, literature, philosophy, divinity, linguistics, art history, archaeology, political science, comparative literature, East European Studies, and other disciplines present at the University.

To avoid fragmentation in the study of Greek and of Hellenism at the University, an organizational structure was created that could facilitate knowledge of each other’s activities. Given the sheer number of faculty and departments engaged in research of the Hellenic world and culture, the CHS provides a common forum, an interdisciplinary research center to concentrate and elevate its efforts in Hellenic studies that enables communication and sharing among faculty and students across departments. The University of Chicago Center for Hellenic Studies will be highly interdisciplinary and diverse in its scope and will offer innovative ways to cross-fertilize research across paradigms, fields, and frameworks.

Faculty Engaging in Hellenic Studies


  • Anastasia Giannakidou – Director, Linguistics
  • Stefanos Katsikas – Associate Director, Linguistics